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            "Yuen Yee taught my two sons how to play the piano when they were 7 & 8 years old. She
                is a great teacher and helped my sons foster a love for playing the piano. She even taught
                them one of our favorite songs - Ode to Joy. It was a wonderful experience and if we were
                still in Chicago she would still be teaching them! I highly recommend Yuen Yee!"

                - Maureen S., parent of previous students

            "You're always so professional and polite. I've worked with you on past projects and I look
                forward to working with you in the future. You're the best at what you do. :)"
                - Rosalita N., staff at Symptometry

            "Ms. Yuen Yee has taught my son how to read the music notes. She has a beautiful
                demeanor to work with children with such a soft voice. We are so happy that she is back
                to Chicago and 
continue to teach my son how to play piano better and enjoy the music."
              "Yuen Yee has been teaching our son piano and clarinet for the last 6 years. He has learned
                to read notes and enjoy playing music. All wouldn't have been possible without her wonderful
                teaching technique supported by her calm personality and patience. Thank you Yuen Yee!"

                - Seona K., parent of current student

            "Yuen Yee teaches piano to our 7 year-old daughter. Yuen Yee is firm, patient, helpful,
                nurturing and encouraging. Our daughter's progress in learning the piano over the last
                year has been impressive and she looks forward to her weekly lesson with Yuen Yee."

                - Betsy K., parent of previous student

            "Mrs. Richardson has been teaching our children in our home for a few months now and
                we are very pleased. I appreciate her ability to instruct and encourage each of them where
                they need help or guidance. Thank you Mrs. Richardson!"

                - Sarah L., parent of current students

            "Thank you for the last year of excellent growth through your teaching, Yuen Yee! Grace
                loves her piano lessons with you! I highly recommend Yuen Yee. Her patience, skill, and
                knowledge of musical form and technique make her an excellent teacher for students of
                all ages. Yuen Yee is fantastic with my daughter, who is only 6 but greatly enjoys her weekly
                piano lessons. Yuen Yee is phenomenal with children, combining just the right amount of
                serious focus on the lesson and playfulness that work with a kid's attention span--and make
                the lesson worthwhile but also fun. And, as a pianist myself, I appreciate Yuen Yee's piano
                beautiful playing--she is so talented."

                - Jill D., parent of current student

            "Ms. Yuen Yee taught my daughter not only how to read music and play the piano but fostered
                her love for music and helped her to develop an appreciation for the ability to play. Ms. Yuen
                Yee has a wonderfully calm presense and ever-so-patiently works with children. I recommend
                her without hesitation. We miss her dearly as we work to find a teacher at our new residence."

                - Lisa A., parent of previous student

            "Yuen Yee is super friendly, patient (she has to listen to me clang away for an hour each week),
                flexible with materials, and fun to work with."

                - Laura G., previous adult student

            "I grew up playing the piano and took lessons as a child for 10 years. I played on and off as an
                adult but not for the past 5 years. Yuen Yee has made playing the piano again fun. She is focusing
                a lot with me on how to enhance the musicality of what I play and different techniques to play
                with the right dynamics and energy. Highly recommend her! "

                - Stephanie M., current adult student

            "Yuen has been really great to work with. She is flexible in her scheduling, very patient with my
                limited abilities in the piano and my occasionally spotty practice regimen, always friendly and
                cheerful, and, as far as I can tell with my still-limited knowledge base, really knows her stuff. I
                am definitely improving under her tutelage, and look forward to having my daughter start taking
                lessons with her when she turns four."

                - Robert O., current adult student

            "Yuen Yee Richardson has been providing weekly piano lessons for my 2 kids since May 2016.
                Our kids enjoy their lessons with her, have made great progress in their proficiency and are
                always happy to play a song or two, whether on their own or upon request. Yuen Yee is easy to
                work with, provides constructive feedback about how our kids are doing, and very communicative.
                We have recommended her to our friends with no hesitation. 

                - Julie C., parent of current students

            "We are very happy with the progress that our children have made under Yuen Yee's tutelage. She is                                    supportive and encouraging, and she has done an excellent job teaching them the fundamentals of 
                playing the piano."
                - Justin A., parent of current students

            "Yuen Yee Richardson has a great space set up for lessons, and is usually flexible with meeting times.
                Very understanding and patient. She's always cheerful, and has a contagious passion for music and                                 nurturing musical talent."

                - Liza H., current adult student

            "Yuen Yee is a wonderful piano teacher. My girls love her. She's prepared to work with students at any
                level, and her communication is excellent."

                - Bethany M., parent of current students

            "Yuen Yee was my teacher for about two years she was an excellent teacher who was very attentive to
                detail. I am an adult student (33 y/0). Yuen Yee is a great teacher. I remember thinking I was going
                to come in and "wow" her with all the practicing I had done and playing the piece perfectly but she
                would dissect it and find so many opportunities to improve it further. Having a teacher with that kind
                of knowledge and understanding of music is why I learned so much more with her help that I could
                have on my own. I began to perform publicly after she helped me land a gig. I highly recommend
                Yuen Yee!!"

                - Patrick F., previous adult student