Current & Previous Jobs
        Current - Chicago, IL
        *Richardson's Art & Music
        *Access Contemporary Music
        *Adjacent Cruise

        2013-2014 - Hong Kong
        *Piano Place
        *Parkland Music
        *Alliance Primary School
        *Chinese Methodist School
        *Holy Family Canossian College
        *Shap Pat Heung RCKYS Secondary School
        *Church of Christ in China Kei Wah Primary School

        2012-2013 - Chicago, IL
        *One Hope United
        *Music House, Inc.
        *My Music Lessons
        *Chamber Opera Chicago
        *Horse-Drawn Productions
        *Access Contemporary Music

        2007-2010 - Hong Kong
        *WindChime Music Center
        *Holy Angels Canossian School
        *C.C.C. Huh Fuk Tong Primary School
        *Shap Pat Heung RCKYS Secondary School

        Roosevelt University, Chicago College of Performing Arts - M.M.
        *Classical Performance - Clarinet Performance

        Hong Kong Baptist University - B.A. in Music
        *Major in Clarinet; Minor in Piano and Handbell
        *Treasurer - University Choir
        *Secretary - University Handbell Choir

        Po Leung Kuk Lee Shing Pik College
        *Chairlady - Music Society

        Centralised Scheme of Music Training, HK Institute of Education

        Associated Broad of the Royal Schools of Music 
        *Grade 8 in Clarinet, Piano and Music Theory 

Private Teachers
        *Carol Lee Smith
        *John Schertle
        *Maria Wong
        *Sunny Tang

        *Genevieve Wong
        *Shirley Yeung

Masterclass & Coaching
        Masterclass by
        *Clarinetist & Saxophonist Jason Xanthoudakis
        *Clarinetist Steven Williamson
        *Clarinetist Patrick Messina
        *Piano Professor Edward Ho

        Coaching by
        *Violist Li-Kuo Chang
        *Clarinetist John Bruce Yeh
        *Flutist Eugenia Moliner

        *With HK Young Musicians' Wind Orchestra

        *With HK Baptist University Choir
        *With PLKLSP Symphonic Band

        *With PLKLSP Symphonic Band
        *With HK Young Musicians' Wind Orchestra

        *With HK Wind Ensemble

Music Ensembles Performed with
        Chicago, IL - 2010-2013
        *Chamber Opera Chicago
        *Chicago Clarinet Ensemble
        *Chicago Concert Winds
        *Chicago Licorice Sticks
        *Riverside Township Community Band
        *CCPA Symphony Orchestra
        *CCPA Wind Ensemble
        *CCPA Chamber Ensemble

        Hong Kong - 2000 - 2010, 2013-2014
        *SAR Philharmonic
        *HK Pop Wind Orchestra
        *HK Wind Ensemble
        *HK Young Musicians' Wind Orchestra
        *HKBU Symphony Orchestra
        *HKBU University Choir
        *HKBU Handbell Choir
        *HKBU Woodwind Ensemble
        *HKBU Chamber Orchestra
        *PLKLSPC Symphonic Band
        *PLKLSPC School Choir
        *PLKLSPC Alumni Band
        *Citywinds Ensemble
        *HK International Band Fair Youth Band